Monday, October 1, 2012

Felix Zulauf with another bearish forecast for the future

One of the most successful hedge fund managers Felix Zulauf has come up with another pessimistic prediction for the future.

According to Zulauf, the thirty-year bond bull market has ended and also predicting that the price of gold will surge in the near future. Moreover, the hedge fund manager himself is of the opinion that one has to sell half of what he owns along with selling the other half in the near future at the latest.

The Swiss investor thinks that bonds are overvalued and that the real return is negative. Furthermore, Zulauf is convinced that stocks will collapse in the next 2 or 3 years, adding that the investment world will see 1k in the S&P, which is more than 30 per cent decline.

In a recent interview, Zulauf said that they were in a stage of the super cycle and everything is accelerating. He explained that the fiat currency is in the final stage and that it always collapses in the end.

Felix Zulauf is the opinion that the European Central Bank will do everything in its power to prevent a potential collapse of the system. He is convinced that the ECB will finance everything including bankrupt governments and banks to every bankrupt entity which is crucial for the system.

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